General ticketing

We can issue the tickets for the air passages for the following countries at affordable rates from Sri Lanka. Indonesia , Philippines , Vietnam , China , Australia , New Zealand , Hong Kong , Taiwan , Korea , Japan , USA (including Hawaii / Alaska) , Canada , Guam , Northern Marianas Islands, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica , Bermuda , Panama, Ecuador , Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Bolivia.

Ticketing with stopovers

Additionally we are in a position to issue tickets to USA via certain countries where you can have a stopover. They are UK, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, Korea (In future) & India.

Reverse-Directional tickets

We also can issue air tickets for the air passage from USA, Canada, Japan, China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, & Philippines to Sri Lanka via Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi or Hong Kong, allowing stopovers at the said via points

Special fare ticketing

We provide the most competitive air fares for migrants & students to USA, Canada & Australia.

Group travel ticketing

We handle the ticketing for group travel of MICE & leisure travel at most competitive rates. You may contact us on the following emails for further information